Guide to Mountain Real Estate

If you sit outside your home at night, you can enjoy the city lights from just outside your front porch. There is a wide array of suitable home styles for any homeowner to enjoy in Cat Mountain. Any family can find a home that fits them well from homes built in the 70s to the present. Every home has its own unique style but the most common features of these homes are the decks, patios, and terraces that are used for entertainment or a quiet night simply looking at the sights and sounds of the city of Austin. There is something for Cat Mountain for everyone, whether you want a terraced home on a cliff, an ultra-modern structure or a traditional brick home. Homeowners who were fortunate to have purchased a home with a view tend to keep them for several years.

Many of the homes in Cat Mountain were built almost 30 years ago. Most homeowner, however, have updated and remodeled their homes with modern amenities that you would find in new homes. There are a lot of people who are attracted to Cat Mountain because there is a good, established neighborhood which is beneficial for them without sacrificing the amenities of their home. Visit our site or read more below.

There is a 216 acre natural area inside the city limits which you would not expect to find. Cat Mountain has this for a neighbor, the Bright leaf Park which is almost completely untouched nature preserve, right inside of the nation's fastest growing city. You can go there for family outings when there is a nice, warm weather. Cat Mountain offers a large amount of outdoor space where residents have the opportunity to participate in hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking when they want to. You can go boating in Lake Austin which is close by, using a public boat ramp, five minutes away. Residents who don't want to leave the neighborhood there are tennis courts, swimming pools, and basketball courts available within the Cat Mountain villa Subdivision. Learn more facts about real estate at

There are many different types of homes in Cat Mountain. Those who have stayed here for many years have considered this to be their home. Most homes have been updated and remodeled with modern amenities that you will find in newer homes.

There might be no other neighborhood that offers this much. It is close to everything and that is what makes Austin great. There is no other offer that offers the types of sunsets that residents in this place can enjoy at the end of every single day. Get some helpful facts at this website.